In 1964 the Prince's Theatre, situated next to the Playhouse in Smith Street, was closed.
The building was then refurbished and re-designed as the luxurious new 'roadshow'
house - the Colosseum. Equipped with the latest 70mm projection and stereo sound
equipment, the opening attraction was the box-office smash, 'My Fair Lady'.  
The new Colosseum retained both the stalls and circle areas of the old Prince's, but the seating
capacity was reduced from 1531 to 1344. An unusual feature of the new cinema was that the
projection booth was situated at the back of the stalls (as opposed to the back of the circle) to
prevent a 'keystone' effect when the massive 70mm picture was projected on to the screen.
In the late 1960s the cinema was managed by Mr. Duncan Aberdeen.

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